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All treatments will begin with an in-depth skin consultation to discuss concerns and achievable improvements. From this analysis, a personalized program is established allowing the therapist to recommend treatment and home care product options. Treatment benefits and results are cumulative when combined with proper daily at-home care.

Our 4 different categories of facials are:

Brightening: for hyper pigmentation

Clarifying: for acne or oily skin

Soothing: for sensitive skin

Renewing: anti-aging


Your facial starts with a skin analysis then is followed by a treatment cleanser suitable for your specific needs. Your skin is then exfoliated manually followed by an enzyme peel, afterwards a treatment mask is applied and your facial concludes with specialized finishing products.

From $135


Kick your 101 treatment up a notch by adding a more intense peel followed by an infusion treatment mask and specialized finishing products

From $155


These active peels exfoliate the skin by dissolving dead surface cells, producing a healthier, and more vibrant and smooth appearance. Enzyme peels are usually less irritating yet very effective and recommended for all skin types.



Rapid exfoliants create noticeably smoother, softer, healthier and more youthful skin. Your skin therapist will help you choose from Glycolic, Lactic or Salicylic acid.

From $65


Micro Lifting is a peel formulated with Ascorbic, Salicylic and Malic acids, as well as Papain and Bromelain enzymes. It effectively targets a range of skin concerns including; fine lines, oily/combination, excessively oily, active acne, congested, photo-damaged and sensitive. A beautiful cocktail of non-irritating exfoliating ingredients that lifts decongests clogged pores, brightens and evens the skin tone and texture!



This facial includes all the extras! Microdermabrasion delivers; added with an enzyme peels then an infusion serum and mask to deeply penetrate and target specific skin conditions, the three components of this facial will give your skin amazing results!

From $295


Take your cosmeceutical facial to the next level. Your treatment starts with a natural acid peel suited for your skin type and concerns. Next, a Microdermabrasion for face and neck remove dead skin cells and gives you deeper exfoliation while stimulating circulation and collagen production. Your facial ends with an advanced serum and treatment mask that deeply penetrates allowing it to fix specific conditions that lead to premature aging. This treatment is personalized for all skin types and conditions. Aging, hyper-pigmentation, and acne prone skin.


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