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Comfort Zone Journey Kits

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Brand: comfort zone

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HYDRA Journey Hydrating Skin Kit: Refresh your skin with this ultra-hydrating kit. Contains: ESSENTIAL FACE WASH (50ML), ESSENTIAL MICELLAR WATER (50ML), HYDRAMEMORY CREAM (15ML), RENIGHT CREAM (15ML)

  • For nourished, soft, hydrated skin
  • Ideal for all skin types, especially dehydrated

CALMING JOURNEY Sensitive Skin Kit: Calm sensitive skin with this face and body kit. Contains: REMEDY CREAM TO OIL (50ML), TRANQUILLITY BODY LOTION (50ML), REMEDY DEFENSE CREAM (15ML), SPECIALIST HAND CREAM (15ML)

  • Soothing, nourishing effect
  • Ideal for sensitive skin prone to redness or dryness

UPLIFTING Journey Anti-Aging Skin Kit: Get youthful, glowing skin with this anti-aging kit. Contains: ESSENTIAL MILK (50ML), ESSENTIAL TONER (50ML), SUBLIME SKIN CREAM (15ML), RENIGHT MASK (15ML)

  • Corrective and plumping formulas
  • Targets fine lines, wrinkles and skin laxity

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  • Essential Face Wash. Emulsify product in hands with water to create a soft foam. Massage into skin, avoiding eyes, then remove with warm water.
  • Essential Micellar Water. Face and lips: apply product to cotton pads and remove make-up with circular movements. Eyes: apply product to cotton pads, place on the eyes and leave to act for a few seconds. Proceed with removal using outward movements.
  • Hydramemory Cream. Apply morning and evening to clean, dry skin after the serum has completely absorbed. Massage for complete absorption.
  • Renight Cream: Following your evening cleanse, apply to face, neck and decolletage and massage until completely absorbed. For an additional nourishing and antioxidant effect, add a few drops of the Renight Oil to face cream.


  • Remedy Cream To Oil. Highly concentrated, therefore only a small amount is required. Apply directly to dry skin and massage with circular movements. Remove with warm water, avoiding contact with eyes.
  • Tranquillity Body Lotion. Apply daily after bath or shower to entire body and massage until completely absorbed.
  • Remedy Defense Cream. Apply every morning and evening to clean skin and after serum application. Massage delicately until completely absorbed.
  • Specialist Hand Cream. Apply as necessary each day and massage until completely absorbed.


  • Essential Milk. Apply to dry skin and massage with circular movements. Remove with warm water.
  • Essential Tone.: Shake bottle and apply toner to cotton pads. Swipe over cleansed skin.
  • Sublime Skin Cream. Apply morning and evening after cleansing, or after Sublime Skin Serum application for a more intensive and nourishing effect.
  • Renight Mask. Apply to cleansed skin in the evening when preparing for bed. Depending on skin condition, mask will gradually absorb. Remove any residue with a facial tissue or warm, damp face towel.


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