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PHYTOELIXIR Cleansing Care Cream

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Product Details
  • 75ml
  • Rethink the way you cleanse with this ultra-concentrated, non-foaming cleanser that gently cleanses the scalp while infusing hair with an unprecedented dose of care

[tab name="benefits"]

super concentrated, non-lathering cream gently cleanses the hair and
scalp while infusing hair with an unprecedented dose of care. It
features narcissus flower wax to immerse hair in nourishment, softness
and total beauty. It works in tandem with lipid-rich, encapsulated
macadamia oil designed to optimize continuous release of the essential
lipids to the hair and provides long-lasting anti-dryness protection. Ultra-dry,
impossibly thick hair gets instant nourishment gratification, leaving
it incredibly soft and supple without the need to condition after.

[tab name="how to use"]

a small amount to either dry or wet hair. Massage gently into scalp and
distribute throughout hair. Rinse thoroughly. Do not use a conditioner
after. Alternate with 'Phytoelixir Intense Nutrition Shampoo'.

hair should not be washed more than 2 or 3 x per week. This cleansing
care cream is ideal for those with very-dry hair who like to wash their
hair to refresh their curls or those who go to the gym.

[tab name="key ingredients"]

  • Macadamia Oil
  • Narcissus Wax

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