PHYTOJOBA Moisturizing Care Gel

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  • All scalp types, dry hair and all hair types as a detangling gel
  • PHYTOJOBA moisturizing care gel durably hydrates dry hair. It forms a protective film on the surface of the hair and releases hydrating active ingredients into the heart of the fibre. A fresh, melting texture, containing Jojoba milk, makes styling easy and offers a soft, silky finish.
  • A leave-in gel that helps lengths regain their vitality and dry ends become soft, infused with intense hydration. Easier to style, the hair is silky, light and deliciously scented.

[tab name="benefits"]

Thanks to Jojoba, the miracle ingredient at the heart of the PHYTOJOBA formula, the hair is immediately hydrated. Throughout the day, the gel delivers all its moisturizing and protective properties. Result: hair shines with health!

[tab name="how to use"]

On dry hair, apply 2 pushes of gel on the palms, then distribute on the lengths and ends at any time of the day.

[tab name="key ingredients"]

    • Jojoba Milk - an emulsion of Jojoba oil, water and hyaluronic acid
    • Mallow Extraction - a powerful moistening agent
    • Hydra-Soin Technology - a unique combination of 3 natural biopolymers (pullulan, alginate and hyaluronic acid)
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