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PHYTOMILLESIME Colour Protect Beauty Concentrate

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Product Details
  • 150ml
  • Color-treated or highlighted hair
  • This precious leave in care protects and hydrates color-treated or highlighted hair for sublime tresses.

[tab name="benefits"]

The PHYTOMILLESIME Beauty concentrate combines the three essential actions for color-treated or highlighted hair :
  • Intense protection. Protected by the benefits of PHYTOMILLESIME, hair maintains its integrity for longer and color keeps its vibrancy. This protection helps to improve the resistance of color-treated and highlighted hair to external aggressions.
  • Ultimate care. By restoring the hair's lipid barrier, PHYTOMILLESIME leaves hair stronger, softer and more resilient. The hair is perfectly cared for, scales are smoothed and color reveals an incomparable shine, with a new, pure, intense and dazzling radiance.
  • Easier styling. Detangling becomes a breeze. Hair is easier to style, frizz is controlled.
    PHYTOMILLESIME doesn't just enhance; it breathes new beauty into your hair! Soft, flowing and frizz-free, it stays in place better and is beautifully sensual.

[tab name="how to use"]

When sprayed onto damp hair after washing or onto dry hair as a daily leave-in product, PHYTOMILLESIME Beauty Concentrate makes styling easier and envelops color-treated and highlighted hair in radiant shine.

[tab name="key ingredients"]

Phytosolba laboratories have selected a palette of RARE and PRECIOUS
ingredients, to create a formula made with 95% ingredients of botanical
and natural origin:
  • Extraction of apple tree blossoms & fruits gently close hair cuticules, leaving the hair radiantly shiny.
  • The Red Love Apple,
    rich in anthocyanins – natural pigments that give it its intense red
    color and trap free radicals, protecting it from oxidation. As if coated
    with a defensive shield, the hair is protected from aggressions. The
    fiber is strengthened, hair color is preserved.

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