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This is an all over lightening service. Toner is included Regrowth up to 1″ starting at….$180 Full head starting at…$200  
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Single panels of foils applied to the part of your hair and beyond for a personalized colour effect. Face frame highlights….starting at $90 1/4 Head of highlights…starting at $125 1/2 Head of highlights….starting at $150 Full head highlights….starting at $200...
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Toner is primarily used to neutralize or adjust the tone of pre-lightened hair, to counteract any unwanted brassiness or yellow/orange tones. Toner helps achieve a more desirable shade. Perfect for in between foil appointments for maintenance of your colour. Partial...
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This service is used to enhance the shine, depth, and richness of the hair color. It adds a semi-permanent color to the hair, which can intensify the existing shade, add warmth or coolness, and improve the overall appearance of the...
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