Medical Esthetics

IPL Photofacial

Using the synergistic effect of Light and radio frequency energies, ELOS technology evens out skin tone, and smooths texture of skin. Lightens Superficial pigmented lesions: such as freckles, sun spots, age spots, sun damage and hyperpigmentation. Lightens superficial Vascular lesions: such as broken capillaries, flushed skin, redness from Rosacea and angiomas. Smooths out skin texture: such as rough skin from sun damage, fine lines, enlarged pores and superficial acne scarring.

IPL Photofacial Details

Collagen Boosting Laser

Using the synergies of ELOS technology, the targeted area is bulk tissue heated to stimulate collagen production and remodel the skin in the dermal layer. Fine lines are reduced, an immediate, noticeable lifting can be observed leaving your skin more toned.

Collagen Boosting Laser Details

Sublative Rejuvenation

The only RF device cleared for resurfacing on the market, ELOS uses fractionated bi-polar radio frequency to penetrate through the skin, sending more energy beneath the surface to really maximize collagen production while keeping the top layer of skin intact. Safe for all skin types.

Sublative Rejuvenation Details

Triniti Plus

The complete skin program for immediate, visible and long lasting results! TRINITI PLUS is a treatment performed using 3 different lasers aiding in color correction, contouring, fine lines, wrinkles and texture. 

Triniti Plus Details

Motif Hair Reduction

Say good bye to unwanted hair growth on all face and body areas. ELOS offers state of the art technology and superior results. Can be used on most skin and hair colors. 70%-90% reduction in hair that grows back. Unwanted hair will grow back with a gradual reduction over a series of treatments.

Motif Hair Reduction Details

Velashape III

VelaShape III Body Contour system SAFELY reduces the appearance of cellulite, shrinks fat cells restores elasticity into sagging skin and reduction of circumferential reduction to the body parts treated. Commonly treated areas are the thighs, buttocks, upper arms, and stomach. VelaShapeIII is suitable for all skin types and tones with minimal or no downtime.

Velashape III Body Contouring Details


Introducing the Skin pen. The only device FDA cleared in Canada on the market. With our microneedle system we believe in treatment not trauma. With an application of a topical numbing agent, The Skin Pen device delivers 1600 channels per second into the skin.

Microneedling Details


Microblading which is also referred to as semi-permanent makeup, is a manual process of implanting colour pigment in the upper layers of skin to create the appearance of hair like strokes. Manual, sterile blades are used for this technique and because colour is implanted just underneath the dermal layer of the skin, the resulting look is soft and natural. 

Microblading Details


Dermaplaning is a resurfacing treatment on the skin that uses a physicians tool to exfoliate the outer layer of dead skin, skin cells, and vellus hair (more commonly known as peach fuzz.) It pairs well with with enzyme peels and acid peels. You will see your skin more radiant in appearance, smoother texture, and more even skin tones.

Dermaplaning Details
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