Liquid Spell

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Brand: Enabled
  • 125ml
  • Reinforcing Bodifying Fluid designed for sensitized or fine hair

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Perfect for a wide range of clients, especially those with damaged, fine, or hair lacking in tone, the Liquid Spell Reinforcing Bodifying Fluid offers convenient and accessible solutions. Using thermo-activated technology, Liquid Spell binds the hair cuticle, allowing amino acids to fill the weakened areas of the external hair structure. With its transformative liquid-to-foam texture, Liquid Spell is designed to add strength and shine to slightly damaged hair. Fits easily into any beauty regime, and performs expertly when used with other Davines products to create highly customizable treatments both in-salon and at-home.

[tab name="how to use"]

Dispense 3-4 pumps on towel-dried hair, applying it evenly from the roots to the ends and comb through. Blowdry and style as desired. Can be used in combination with any of your usual hair care products, applying after any product intended for scalp treatment, and before hair treatments or styling products.

[tab name="active ingredients"]

  • Concentrate of Amino Acides fills external structure to provide body
  • Thermo-Activated Molecule provides complements hair structure
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