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Brand: Davines
  • This is our product Manifesto for climate action, integrating beauty and agriculture to heal our planet. Delicate hair and body wash for all hair and skin types enriched with special activist ingredients TM, coming from Slow Food Presidium and for the first time also from Regenerative Organic Agriculture. The BARBERA GRAPE POMACE EXTRACT, from Mr. Cunial’s vineyard, Traversetolo, Parma, Italy; cultivated in collaboration with Davines Rodale Institute European Regenerative Organic Center aids the product to leave the skin soft and the hair shiny and hydrated; while the GREEN ANISEED EXTRACT from Mr. Corradetti’s farm, a Slow Food Presidium, Castignano, Ascoli Piceno, Italy, provides a moisturizing action.
  • 250 ML
  • LIMITED EDITION * while supplies last*

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