Your Skin & Hydration

Are you giving your skin the proper hydration it needs?

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Water intake is a key component in making sure our skin is healthy and hydrated, especially in the winter months when we find ourselves going for that extra pump of lotion. It is important to know our skin already has a system in place to help protect itself against harmful particles but, every extra step you take helps keep your skin thriving.

To maintain an optimal level of hydration, skin naturally benefits itself of a double system:

  • the barrier function
  • the water diffusion


The outermost layer of the epidermis is composed of 20%-35% water and has the purpose of creating a protective barrier from the outside. It is supported by natural moisturizing factors, the film of non-lipidic substances, that reduces water evaporation.

Our HYDRAMEMORY lifestyle and skin care strengthens the barrier function and promotes the optimal distribution of water throughout the skin layers. A great benefit for your skin, all year round, accompanied with our HYDRAMEMORY Facial.

-MARIA (Esthetician

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