Facts About Pedicures…

Having cute painted toes are awesome, Right? Pedicures have so much more to offer than looks itself… There are many health benefits to having pedicure treatments on a regular basis.

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Prevents infections

If you don’t moisturize your skin on a regular basis, the dry skin on your feet is more prone to infection due to cracks that may appear.


Prevents ingrown toes and hangnails

Cutting your toenails in the right way and removing excess cuticles can make you feel much better and relieve any discomfort caused by wearing tight shoes.


Promotes healthy blood circulation

Reducing muscle tension, any pain you may be experiencing, and improving joint mobility.


Boosted nail/skin health

The exfoliation that takes place during this appointment will remove any dead skin cells and encourage new cell growth, leaving your nails stronger and healthier.


Improved mental health

Whether it’s a particularly stressful day or a hectic week, taking the time to treat yourself with pedicure can do wonders for your stress levels!

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